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Is your business ready for the risks associated with the Internet of Things ("IoT")? 

What level of privacy will you clients and customers expect?

Consumers, shareholders, and employees expect the business to implement, maintain and measure an effective and reactive data protection program. In addition, investors, authorities, and global regulators are increasingly challenging companies and their boards to actively demonstrate diligence and compliance.

Balancing these demands with the need for return-on-investment presents a conundrum at companies of all profiles and sizes. By focusing on regulatory needs, versus desires, Privacy International can structure enterprise-wide information governance strategies that move organizations from reactive to a proactive value-add program.

We can assist on how best to align your data privacy/information governance program to the dynamic business and compliance priorities with a focus on costs vs. risk.

Privacy International, LLP has the knowledge and experience to define a strategic plan, provide executive presentations, implement program measures or operationalize your domestic and international privacy requirements. We specialize in mapping regulatory requirements for the EU’s gdpr, Canada’s pipedia, Australia’s privacy act, or the US’s glba, hipaa, broadband privacy rules to your business.

​Need to develop a business plan, complete legal and regulatory filings, respond to a data breach or enhance day-to-day operations of the privacy, data protection or information governance program?

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