Privacy International, LLP
              Privacy Compliance and Data Protection Services

                                                                                                 Over 19 years of domestic and international privacy knowledge.

International Data Transfers

Complete and chart organizational obligations based on regulatory requirements for customer and/or employee consent, privacy notices or statements, data protection registrations or standard model contracts for cross border data transfers.

Data Breach Services

Articulate regulatory requirements for receiving, documenting, tracking, and investigating customer and employee privacy data breaches, complete required regulatory filings.

 Program Enhancement or Development

Define or update a multiyear strategy that encompasses regulatory requirements, external and internal risks, business objectives and data protection technology. acceptable risk and the potential level of regulatory action.

​Program Measurements and Metrics

Develop and implement test plans to monitor, track, and report the level of compliance of your privacy and information governance programs.

​Mergers, Acquisitions or Divestitures

Assessment, define and advise on regulatory requirements, to transfer, sell or use consumer or employee personal information based on consent, registrations and international transfer instruments (Model Contracts, BCR’s etc.).

​Training and Awareness

Assess your culture to provide content and approach that best suites your organizational training needs to include the approach, costs and resources necessary.

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“Companies that can produce evidence of the effectiveness of the Privacy and Data Protection Programs to regulatory bodies, customers and business clients have marketplace advantage.

Documenting and measuring the operational practices, data collection/transfer, use, storage, classification and retention has become the norm”

           - Jim Keese